Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Want To Be 7 Years Old Again

Day 11 of abs. Don't you hate grandparents that talk about their grandchildren all the time. LOL I promise this is the last time for a while because mine went home yesterday. I'm proud of myself for not having one drink the whole time he was here. I may not have been the funny wacky grandma that he was used to, but I don't think he missed her. This Grandma was out of bed way before him every morning, ready to go hiking or fishing or whatever he wanted to do. As always he taught me some lessons while he was here. I had to admire how he tried to pack every moment of every day full of adventure and fun. Hey, I could learn to do that.

I want to:
Turn on cartoons when I wake-up and laugh first thing in the morning.

 Have my biggest decision of the day be whether I have Captain Crunch or Frosted Flakes for breakfast.

Think that Kraft Mac-and-Cheese is way better than any gourmet meal without worrying what it's doing to my arteries or waistline.

Spend hours performing magnificently goofy jumps into a swimming pool without worrying about what anyone watching might think.

Spend hours running back and forth kicking a soccer ball without getting winded or having my knees hurt.

Run away shrieking and screaming when the lion roars at the zoo.

Think that every person I meet is a prospective friend.

Make a flag out of a stick and be my own parade marching down the street.

Love rain because that's where mud comes from.

Read "Curious George" at bedtime and laugh last thing at night.

Dream dreams that make me smile while I'm sleeping.

I want to be 7 again!

So today I'm out there doing my best to channel my inner 7 year old and cherish every one of the adventures this day holds for me.

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