Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heeding My Own Advice

I'm on Day 9 of abstaining and I do great every day until about 3:00 pm when that 5 o'clock somewhere feeling comes calling. On the MM list the other day someone had posted that she thought another member's husband was controlling. In my all-knowing and benevolent manner I responded that we need to cut our significant others some slack. I boldly typed that when we lose control of our drinking we cause chaos and a loss of control in the lives of our significant others and in order to gain back some control over their own lives they have to take hold of the reins and rein us in. When we begin to gain some control back over our drinking it is hard for them to trust us and relinquish that control.

What insight! I have to give myself credit and say I really hit the old nail square on the head with that little jewel of wisdom.

Now I just need to swallow my own medicine.

The grandson is still here and last night we had decided we would all make our own pizzas for dinner. While I was up taking my bath the cap'n prepped everything. He browned the hamburger and mushrooms, cut up all the vegetables….you think I would be grateful, wouldn't you. Instead when I came downstairs and saw that he had rolled out the dough, I blew a gasket. I wanted it round and he had rolled it out in something resembling a square and, of course, it was way too thin. Too summarize, I was a T-total bitch. Was it really the pizza dough that caused my metamorphosis? No, it was the fact that he was having a drink and I couldn't. I better learn to get over that.

So today I'm out there doing my best to practice what I preach and not be too preachy.

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