Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How The Heck Are You? 6/6/2017: Trying is Success

To put it bluntly, I'm exhausted. The last five days have proven how out of shape I am, embarrassingly. Maybe I need to rent a 5 year old for the rest of the summer. One more imperfection. 

When do we finally accept that we're never going to be perfect? Is there a point where we finally relax and give ourselves a wink when we don't toe the line.  Am I ever going to not think that eating a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast sounds more inviting than a banana? Is procrastinating ever going to be a thing of the past? Not likely.

But then again, if we totally accept ourselves as we are, do we then quit trying, quit striving?  What does life become then? A chocolate chip breakfast wait until tomorrow existence? I don't want that either.

So I guess what I need to learn to accept is that I'm always going to be enticed by perfection, even though I probably won't strive hard enough to reach it. At least I'll strive. I can't let my acknowledgment of my imperfections keep me from trying.

So I guess I've effectively talked myself out of that chocolate chip cookie this morning. Maybe tomorrow.

"I try therefore I succeed."

How the Heck Are You?


  1. Brene Brown's the gifts of imperfection changed my life.
    I have her definition of perfectionism printed out.
    I used to think perfectionism was an asset. Ha
    All it is is a constant beating ones self up.

    Cookies for breakfast are fine. Maybe tomorrow you willl want a banana....

    Otherwise I feel I have lived long enough trying to make myself into something I don't even want to be. Perhaps I am no longer a size 4... I am also 45 and married. I' am not looking to attract men anyway!

    Feeling good is important. Yoga gives me the ability to move easier all day.

    Forget what should be. Consider what you want. Does adding a walk every day help you or does it seem like a waste of time?

    Seriously...Brene. She is always right.there are a few ted talks of hers too, if you aren't a book person. But the book is pure gold. Even my husband like it.


  2. I love Brene Brown and often use her quotes on the MM facebook page, but I've never read her book-hello Kindle.
    I love to walk-I think that is the secret, finding something you love and using it to your advantage. So many times though I tell myself I don't have time? Time to make time.

  3. I loved that book!
    I am learning that I am not and can't be perfect, not that I ever could, I just wished I was!
    It's hard to accept the aging process and that my energy won't be the same, or my skin won't be elastic anymore.
    But I don't have a choice, so I might as well be happy and have fun saggy skin and all!