Monday, June 19, 2017

How The Heck Are You 6/19/2017: Let's Face It, We're Pansies!

Sleep deprived this morning, I stayed up past midnight binge watching Orange is the New Black. Netflix has become my new addiction.

Beautiful weather weekend up here. We don't plant flowers here at 10,600 ft until Father's Day because it still gets down to freezing at night before that, so I spent the weekend outside finally planting. You'd think after 10 summers here and thousands of dollars in perennials, I wouldn't have any more room to plant, but the thin air and poor soil doesn't encourage plants to show up for return performances year after year. The funny thing is, pansies, the most delicate appearing flower of all, start  popping up through the snow in April and grow like weeds among the rocks and in the poorest soil. Just like us on this journey, neither rain, or snow, or the darkness of night, or stumbles, or hostile environment can keep us from rising up, no matter what the world throws at us, and raising our face up to the sun in defiance. Fuck you, Adversity, we're pansies and we're proud of it!

How The Heck Are You?

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  1. Spring has come to northern Canada as well.
    We usually leave planting until the end of May. You just never know when it might snow!
    Netflix is just too easy. Have you watched 13 reasons why.. I couldn't stop once I started.