Saturday, October 22, 2011

Neighbor Kary May’s Radio Show: The Road Trip Episode

Day ? Shit! I just counted them and I already forgot. It's 6:30 and I need more caffeine. Let's start over.

Day 39!

Happy "Act Like I'm Not A Drunk" Saturday everyone. I'm typing this out in a hurry because I'm hitting the road for a week at home. I'm going to be staying in Red River, NM overnight, we used to vacation there when I was a kid. As a child I never dreamed of vacations at Disneyland or the like, it just wasn't in the Hickey family vernacular or budget instead our vacations always consisted of borrowed campers, bug bites, fish bait and the occasional fish. It also consisted of Mom and Dad's daily trip into the beer joint of whatever little town we were closest too. This is not one of those "leave the kids in the car and feed them olives or beer nuts for dinner" stories, Mom and Dad didn't drive in and get drunk, they just went in for a couple of beers and a slight reprieve from us whiny kids, we loved it. We'd run loose through town hitting the drugstore counter for malts that we're only 40 cents, which included what was left over in the frosty metal mixing cup, and browsing the gift shops for that "one" souvenir we'd been saving months for. My big brother, Pat, was already buying "Thirst Aid" kits at the ripe old age of 14. "Thirst Aid" kits were little boxes of 4 or 5 "nipper" bottles of liquor. I'm not sure how he managed to buy them, he must have convinced Mom and Dad that they were just for a "souvenir" so they bought them for him. I do think I remember they sold them in the gift shops though. Well, Pat, usually managed to drink his "souvenir" dry way before we started home from our vacation, usually when he was supposed to be babysitting the rest of us kids when Mom and Dad made another one of their escapes. Pat and I are the only 'drinkers" in the family and he's been sober for almost 30 years.

Anyway one of the Hickey family's favorite vacation spots was the Gravel Pits (lovely name isn't it, just brings up visions of pampered comfort, doesn't it) in Cimarron, NM which isn't far from Red River, NM. Well, this isn't the road trip I wanted to tell you about but the cap'n is getting restless. I wanted to tell you about the time me and my ex drove out to our land in CO from our home in KS with trees to plant, when we got there we were barely talking which was the usual MO for our road trips and we found that the snow was so deep we couldn't even get up to our land. We drove into town and had two longneck Buds apiece. We were supposed to stay overnight at the Cow Palace Inn (another name that just evokes elitist images, huh?) in Lamar where we had spent our honeymoon but he found a nail in our tire and since the next day Sunday and since this was before anything was open on Sundays, we drove straight home, still not talking. An eight hour each way road trip for 2 lousy beers. Man, I was pissed.

It was time for Carson to go on DWTS. I hope Nancy Grace goes next, my friends.

I don't have a coffee cake recipe this morning but I have to tell you about this "recipe" I tried this week. It was delicious and so easy. I picked up some ranch dressing mix in the envelope this week and noticed a pork chop recipe on the back and though I'd try it. All you do is take 4-6 pork chops (3/4 inch thick) and rub them with the dry dressing mix and some pepper, slap them on a baking sheet and bake them at 400 F for about 25 minutes. That's it. The capn's eyes rolled back in his head in ecstasy.

If any of you have been following the rumpus on the MM main list, I'm still standing. It's funny because some of the responses over there (you'll have to go over there and peek if you don't know what I'm talking about, I don't have time to go into it) would have had me cowering for cover or apologizing my ass off a few months ago but I'm not really too bothered by all of it. I stated my beliefs and I'm strong enough not to back down, funny side effect of sobriety. I was a little concerned this morning though when I logged on my blog and the visit counter registered about a 1000 less total visits than yesterday. I thought holy hell not only are my loyal few readers leaving me in droves, they're erasing all traces of having been here. Lol I reloaded the page. It was just a glitch…I hope.

Gotta hit the road.

So today I'm just out there doing my best to keep it between the lines and not go browsing for any "Thirst Aid" kits. I think I'll go searching for the old drugstore malts instead.

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