Monday, April 30, 2012

Stayin' Alive

Day 241 of Sobriet (8 months WhooHooo!!)

Follow my one simple rule and you too can be an aging, totally jive talkin' Disco Queen! The rule?  Don't Drink! Rinse and Repeat! Yeah, that's your's truly above but in my defense it was taken at a Disco theme birthday party Saturday night.  Maybe I should be cringing in mortification but I'm not and here's how come.

A couple of weeks ago my brothers-in-law showed me some pictures they took at this very same bar a year ago, one of them showed me obviously very drunk with a sullen look on my face and the cap'n obviously very sternly telling me it's time to go home.  In the background is my bouncy friend Karen singing away with a mike in her hand obviously oblivious to the scene playing out in front of her. La la la!  My brothers-in-law think the photo is very funny, I think it is repugnant, repulsive and very sad.

Also, this photo is taken in the entrance to the bar I have stumbled out of, been dragged out of, and bodily carried out of.  Saturday I left the same way I came in, on my own two feet and 100% sober.

Also, several people came up to me during the evening and told me how great I looked and then, of course, regaled me with humorous/pitiful stories of how I "used to be".

Oh well.. Here's my anthem!



  1. Sometimes I am grateful to those well meaning souls who insist on regaling me with my past drinking antics because they remind me how grateful I am that I am sober. Then there are other times when I just want to respectfully tell them to shut the f&@k up!

    So glad you had fun and BTW I want my outfit back. ;-)