Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Going To Be A Long Night

Where to start... I went and got a tooth pulled this afternoon, it took an hour and a half of wiggling and pulling and yanking.  I got out of the dentist at 6:00 pm, it is now 11:15 and it hasn't stopped bleeding.  It's okay as long as I leave the pack in and bite down but the minute I take the pack out the blood wells up.

Then.... I went up to take my shower at about 8:30 pm and I get out and dry my hair and put on something fishnetty and sexy for my Skype video call to the cap'n who is in the states. I come out of my bedroom and start down the stairs and right in front of me is a gaping wide open window.  This is a stained glass window that is never open and it doesn't have any protectores on it (steel bars).  I run back up to my room and slam and lock my door...except my phones are downstairs.  I grab the airhorn I have by my bed and blast it out the window but a lot of good that is going to do me since I already have our roller gate down and locked and no one could get in to help if they wanted, unless they scale the wall and climb in through the window like my would be intruder must have.  They could come in from the beach side but they would have to break the sliding glass doors because I've locked them too.

I finally get my nerve up to go downstairs (I change my clothes first, I don't want to give the intruder any illicit thoughts. I save those for the cap'n when he is thousands of miles away and I am safe from him acting upon them.) and everything is untouched.  The computer is still where it belongs, my purse was in my bedroom with me, and all the doors are closed and locked.  Mr. Stanley, the blind killer bichon, is wandering around bumping into things as usual.  I grab the phone and call my neighbor, no answer.  I call another neighbor as I make my way to the roller gate to unlock and open it.  She answers and says she'll be right down, I then call the police officer that speaks English whose # I have programmed into my phone.

Long story short, there is no one in the house and there is no sign of any disturbance in the sand outside the window, they would have had to use a ladder to reach it.  The window must have popped open somehow and it was a false alarm.  But still, I'm sleeping with my bedroom door locked tonight.

I think I did good. I didn't panic.  I don't feel overly scared right now.  Being sober has given me a sense of calm and an acceptance that there is only so much I can do to safeguard my well-being, the rest is out of my control.  I am so glad I'm sober.

I'm still worried they may find me in a pool of blood in the morning from this damn tooth.

6:20 am update:  Alive and well and no pool of blood. "Well" is a relative term this morning, even though I slept better than I expected, I am still tired and cranky.  It's amazing how common feeling "perfect" everyday has become.  I get up every morning feeling rested, I go about my days in an unencumbered state, I eat regular meals and then some, I laugh, I cry, I sing, I cuss, and when I feel tired at night I turn out the light and roll over and go to sleep.  How freakin' normal is that?  Tell me again why I chose to live "abnormal' for so long.

I guess normal is a somewhat relative term also, I keep wondering what my would be intruder would have thought when I came downstairs in my sexy lingerie, torn fishnets get-up.  I need to get on Google translate and practice saying, "Welcome, I've been expecting you." Ja Ja Ja!


  1. hope you are feeling better and glad there was no intruder! That is so scary...hopefully you have the fishnets back on and are more relaxed now..ha :) Congrats on your sobriety!

  2. so so sexy with fishnets and gauze packing in your mouth...sorta like Marlen Brando's Godfather with some vavavooom mixed in...right?

    haha! I'm glad that it was a false intruder alarm and I just cannot BELIEVE you get dentistry done in Mexico. Yeah yeah...it's cheaper, but there's not enough savings in the world for me to endure what you've gone through with your root canal and now this. I am a nervous dental patient in the best situations...

  3. I hope you are feeling better today. Baby yourself a little and that tooth! Ouch!

  4. All is bueno down here SOB. Tooth is good, well, tooth is gone, hole is good. I'm washing the fishnets and hanging them out to dry today in preparation for a disco party on Sat. I'm going as Madonna, now if I can just remember where I put my cone shaped bra. Lulu, what can I say? They made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Ja Ja Ja! Today is a consult with a plastic surgeon (I want to get rid of these ugly nose veins that I inherited from Jack Daniels. My friends say they can't see them but I know they're there.)and in a week or so it's colonoscopy time. Woohoo! A colonoscopy for $400 US, come on, how could you let a deal like that pass you by. I hear this endoscopist is pretty good, but since I don't know any of the doctors here it's kind of a crap shoot. LOL

  5. i have these dreams where - but anyway - it is a blink of the eye to have the confusion of fear and he reality of cowering behind the kitchen in fishnets - but incredibly sexy nonetheless.