Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another Harried, Hurried, Happy Saturday

Day 223 of Sobriety

Here I am at 6:30 am, up and running.  This morning is The Funky Market Bazaar and I'll be rushing around in about 10 minutes trying to get things done.  The elves have been holding a monthly raffle to raise money for the Christmas toy drive next year and I still have posters to make describing this month's prizes and a survey to type up and print out to gather interest in a spa day to be held at my house as yet another attempt to pick the pockets of the good people of our village in order to buy toys.

I should have got all this done last night but once again there was an impromptu dinner invite, issued by us, to meet with friends at our favorite watering hole/fish restaurant.  Our friends responded in the affirmative, they had some new clients that had just bought a house down here and they wanted us to meet them.  As usual, the dinner and fun went on longer than expected.  As a matter of fact, we weren't ready to call it a night, so the bunch of us ended up back here at my house for more fun.

On top of this, I wasted precious time yesterday afternoon ruining two out of three batches of peanut brittle that we're supposed to be selling at the market this morning because the other elf that was helping me and I got too busy yakking instead of paying attention to the candy thermometer.  Obviously, candy making should be a solo project for me, luckily I had made three batches earlier on my own.

So this morning I'm feeling put upon and hassled.  And I'm acting like a martyr, which I hate. I  personally feel the only tolerable kind of martyrs are the dead ones. So I'm trying to keep the eyes rolled heavenward, beset and beleaguered look wiped off my face.

Because today I'm damn thankful that:
1. Once again people feel that they can rely on me for whatever needs to be done.
2. Once again, my friends are at ease sharing new friendships with me.
3. Once again, my house and my life are places I am proud of and can welcome others into.

My 10 minutes are way up.

I am


  1. First time I read your Blog...Went back to your earlier posts. Glad you are where you Want To Be. Life is a Series of Becoming. What is True, What is Good and What is Just. Stay the Course.

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