Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Hit Play

Day 234

I should have put  a warning label on that picture for any of you that might be hungover this morning.  That is actually my breakfast this morning and not last night's dinner revisited.  Oh the good old days!
It started out as an omelette and ended up as a scramble, as usual.  It aptly represents my thoughts this morning.

Yesterday I went into Merida for mass, as usual, but this time I did it on my own because the cap'n is up NOB (north of the border) working.  I managed to get over to Progreso on time to catch the bus, I got off at the correct stop, I made it to mass and was able to take away what God wanted me to hear, I went to breakfast with some of the women from church and then we parted ways.  I meandered through the Sunday market on my own and haggled with some of the venders and I parted with a few pesos.  I got my usual helado de coco and made my way back to the bus station and home.

I won't go into the dismal details but I couldn't have done that a year ago, I couldn't have done it 10 years ago without the fortification of booze.  20 years ago?  Maybe, but I would have been hindered by the after effects of the night before and hurried by the anticipation of my next drink

So this morning I was sitting on my patio partaking of my desayunos and marveling at the Mexican people's gift for infusing their usually tranquil and placid life with color and pattern, and fretting over some nagging problems whose answers haven't presented themselves yet when the following two songs came on my sirrius radio in quick succession.  In recovery we frequently use an expression when we are overwhelmed by...well, just about everything, we say, "Just do the next thing."

So I did the next thing.  I got up and danced.

I wish I had the words, I wish you would believe me, I wish I could convince those of you still struggling, to give yourself the gift of a few months, or maybe forever, to let yourself dance through life.

Just hit play and do the next thing. Dance!


  1. I love you. Ray LaMontagne is a firm favourite in our house! I can't dance because it's 5.30am and the kids are asleep but I am wriggling in my bed listening to this beautiful song and you are making me feel happy. Thanks! xxxx

  2. Thank you, as always, for putting your self out into our world.

  3. Thanks--I needed the Marley song today! :-)

  4. That certainly looked like a very delicious breakfast!

    Your post made me think of one of the things I really enjoy in sobriety, and that is that I basically never am rushed anymore. Before, if I met someone I knew, I wouldn't stay for chatting but trying to cut it very short so that I quickly quickly could hurry home to the wine that awaited, or hurry to the off-license to get more wine. Oh man... that constant hunting for alcohol, I NEVER had any time left for anything else!

    Thank you for sharing this post ending with that great music, take care!