Monday, August 8, 2011

5 Ordinary Little Things

"Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things… I am tempted to think… there are no little things."

Motivational Quote Bruce Barton (born 1886)

Day 34 Just an ordinary day.

The company’s gone and the house is back in shape and I’ve had time to reflect on the last week spent with precious members of my family. There aren’t any extreme highs and, thankfully, no extreme lows it was just a typical, ordinary week. How wonderfully extraordinary! Here are 5 little ordinary things that aren’t so little or so ordinary.

1. My son saying, “It’s in our blood, Mom.” When we were discussing both his and my decision to quit drinking and the fact that we are never satisfied with just one or two drinks. What an extraordinary conversation but it was done with such openness and acceptance that it seemed ordinary, run of the mill. We could have been talking about the weather. How fortunate I am that he recognizes the signs at such a young age and that he feels he can discuss it with me.

2. A lovely chat with my daughter-in-law as she sat and watched me do the dishes. The extraordinary thing was I found that I talk too much and ramble on and on even when I’m not drinking. lol More importantly was the affection I felt for her and the affection I felt from her.  I’m blessed.

3. An early morning when my grandson and I are the only ones up and we grab the fishing poles and salmon eggs and head for the stream. The sun is sparkling off of the water and my grandson complains that it’s blinding him and he can’t see his bobber. It was easy enough to spot in the branches of a bush a little while later. Damn that water’s cold. Oh, and the fish will leave to see another day.

4. Muscles and bones that cry out in protest when I get up in the morning because of what I put them through the day before. Too bad, they better get used to it. They can complain all they want, my mind and my heart feel like they are in better shape than they have been in a long time. The best part? I managed to lose a few pounds even though I was fixing family favorites like my macaroni and cheese made with heavy cream and eating s’mores almost every night.

5. The cap’n suggesting over the phone last night that I relax and have a glass of wine and watch the sunset out on the deck last night. I said, “No, thanks.” And you know what? The sun rewarded me with a big warm goodnight kiss on my cheeks and a clear head and an ordinary little joy to greet it with again this morning.

So today I’m out there doing my best to cherish the ordinary little things.


  1. Im enjoying your blog . Thanks to both you and the co
    Writer for taking the time

    I'm curious though - why does the captain suggest wine given your alcoholism ?

  2. The cap'n still doesn't believe I am an alcoholic, he thinks I can moderate if I just try harder. He's never really minded my drinking, he just can no longer tolerate my disfunction when I am recovering. I used to be able to drink and then go about my business even though I was hungover the next day, I can't do that anymore. I don't think I started drinking more, I think I developed a physical addiction and when I would quit drinking I would go through withdrawl which is a hell of a lot worse than a hangover. He drinks but he doesn't go through withdrawl and he can function so he just does not get it. I think, he thinks he is being "nice" to offer wine but he doesn't pressure me and he accepts my choice not to drink.

  3. Thanks : I have a similar situation at home - my hubs is very sweet and can take or leave the next drink or doesn't really *get it* that it's not really a choice for me . Your blogging has a contentedness to it this last month x

  4. Thank you, I do feel content and I've pondered on why this abs period has been so easy and I think it's the fact that I've finally accepted that permanent abs is the only choice for me. It's taken me off of that see-saw and my brain can start focusing on something else. I know that some people might see the capn offering me wine as a form of sabotage but I think it's more like when your teenager has misbehaved and you take away his car and then he goes out of his way to behave and you think you might have been a little harsh and relent. Besides your tired of him moping around the house. I think sometimes we have to realize that just like us,our SO's miss things about our drinking persona's and they're worried that they are not going to like the new us either.