Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That'll Never Happen

Day 13

Thank you to everybody that wrote on the message boards how much they appreciated yesterday’s blog and gave me such precious encouragement on my quest to total sobriety. You guys are the best. Several wrote that the blog would help them make the decision on whether to mod or abs. I’m glad, that is the “purpose” of this blog. I will pass on the kudos to my Co-Writer.

I haven’t had any strong urges for which I’m grateful. It is pretty easy right now since the cap’n is working and he doesn’t drink much and we’re in a town where we don’t know anyone so there’s no pressure from anyone to drink but that’s never been my problem, I don’t need any pressure or a crowd to drink. As a matter of fact, I prefer drinking alone that way nobody interrupts me when I’m talking. LOL! Last evening we were grilling some chicken in a little park right next to the hotel here and I ran back to the room for another glass of wine for the cap’n and felt a twinge. It wasn’t an urge just a momentary sadness at the little drinking rituals I’m going to miss. The playful arguments of whose turn it is to freshen the drinks, the clinking of glasses, the toasts to a beautiful sunset. But then I thought of the things I wouldn’t miss. I made a list of things that will never happen if I don’t drink again.

1. I’ll never ruin a white blouse, a rug, or a computer with spilled red wine. (This one has happened and it was a friend’s computer. She still talks to me).

2. I’ll never wake up with a stranger in my bed (I’ve woken up with strange men but not strangers.)

3. I’ll never get a DUI (Knock on wood, that has never happened).

4. I’ll never wake up with splinters on the inside of my thighs and scabs on my knees (I’m gonna miss that).

5. I’ll never sing Janis Joplin’s “Me and Bobby McGee” at karaoke night again (by order of all the patrons of La Playa de Chelem bar and restaurant).

6. I’ll never embarrass my grandson by falling down at his wedding reception (if I do it will be the high heels fault, not because I’m drunk).

7. I’ll never wake up in my own vomit or worse (Oh, the good times!)

8. I’ll never have to wonder why my best friend, sister, husband…is no longer talking to me (?)

9. I’ll never get to see flying monkeys or pink elephants (Dang!).

10. I’ll never maim or kill myself or an innocent husband, wife, child, family, friend… because I was driving while drunk (Thank you, God!).

Today I’m out there doing my best to keep adding to the list.

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