Sunday, August 22, 2010

Simply Wonderful Miracle

Last night I looked out from my bedroom window and watched as the full moon silvered the forest while its creatures skittered and fluttered in their moonlit world.

This morning dawn's pearl light painted the wall of the cabin as I watched the sun come to the mountain and gild the tips of the pine trees with gold.

Later I will walk the mountain roads as that sun warms my shoulders and my heart will celebrate these simple, wonderful miracles.

All mine because I am sober.

Another simple, wonderful miracle.


Sappy, huh? That's okay. I'm feeling kind of sappy this morning, it sure beats the hell out of feeling nauseous.

I didn't win the lottery. But that's okay, too. Gawd! Wouldn't it be awful to be hangover when you won the lottery? Just another reason to stay sober.

Gonna go do the best I can, and today that's pretty damn good!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love the moon, especially the full moon, and most especially the Harvest Moon. I remember one year I was too drunk to notice it and when I sobered up realized I wouldn't have another chance for a year...

  2. You never have to miss another one.