Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Real Estate

As some of you know, I live in Mexico in the winter. In the ten years that we have spent our winters there, somehow. through a quagmire of circumstances and disappointing expectations, we have ended up with three properties there. For the last three years we have rented out two of them and it has been hell-I am not cut out for the hospitality industry, anytime someone  complains I want to throw all their money back at them to make them shut up. I find myself talking potential renters out of renting our properties just so I don't have to deal with them. lol

Now, it looks like we might be selling both of the rental properties which leaves us with a small casita that consists of one room that serves as both living area and bedroom, a bathroom and small kitchen. It is located in  a small fishing village in which only four others gringos live. I am so thrilled, really, to be free of the complications of the last few years and to have the opportunity to live very simply. 
To take some time to contemplate what and where we want our future to be. To take some time to just be. I

I remember how I escaped to Mexico from living on our boat, thinking a change of scenery and a new start was what I needed to combat my drinking. It didn't work, my drinking problem steadily grew regardless of being uprooted. Now, it is so liberating to know that I am no longer escaping anything, I'm just living light. It reminds me a lot of when I first gave up drinking, the possibilities seem boundless, but at the same time, just staying in place and living life day by day, without encumbrance, is very appealing. 

How The Heck Are You?


  1. That is very cool KM
    Where do you live in the summer?!! In NZ (sorry to all the NZ readers) we live in this beautiful but often hostile coastlined islands and our escape batch can be about an hours drive up or down somewhere. After living around the world a bit, I have figured out that making my home like a holiday batch is the best bet here - then i don't have to drive an hour to the same damn climate, same scenery but needs groceries.

    However..... Mexico - that sound warm and lovely. Oh to be in a country big enough and close enough to places that are completely different to here. I understand why people in the UK have a home in Spain or Italy.

    Totally off-track - not escaping but just living is almost the opposite feeling. I am starting to understand that I don't have to escape anymore and it feels really liberating.
    M xxx

  2. I am good!
    That sounds perfect. I couldn't be a landlord ether.

  3. Living in Mexico must be awesome.