Monday, July 10, 2017


I'm back! I didn't really go anywhere, just took a couple of weeks off from my daily routine to spend more time on a project I've been working on way too long. I took some time to fall back in love with it.  Did I get it done? No. Did I get as much done as I wanted? No. But you know what? It's okay because I got enough done that I know I will finish it and instead of getting overwhelmed by the time I have spent and how much work I have left to do, I am happy that I'm still working on it, that it's not sitting stashed away somewhere waiting for me to finally finish it someday. Instead it's right here reminding me to do a little more every day. I'm back in love

Sometimes, we just need to pull our sobriety out of the rag pile, shake it out, and just get back to work. No looking ahead or behind, just look at the next step in front of us and take it and then keep going as far as we can. Yes, we might get knocked off course again, yes, it's going to be hard and a helluva a lot of work, but it's always going to be here nagging at us to get back to work on it. Fall back in love with it.

Today's the day. You got something better to do?

How The Heck Are You?


  1. For whatever reason, this post sings to me. Today is not my day, but tomorrow looms on the horizon and it is filled with possibilities.

  2. I'm glad. Here's to a future where every day is filled with possibilities instead of regrets and self-recrimination.

  3. Yay!!!
    And sometimes we just need to take a break from blogging, reading, blogs, social media, etc.