Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who's That Girl

 Someone posted on one of the message boards this morning that she was getting ready to get "the talk" from her DH.  "The Talk" usually consist of someone important to you pleading that you quit drinking, that they'll do anything to help, that they want you to be around for a really long time.

Yep, been there, done that, and have several t-shirts in various sizes.

The person that posted sounds like her soul is plumb wore out out and she is sick of herself.

I could have written that post myself two years ago when I started MM.  I have not had a drink in over 8 months.  Today I looked in the mirror and my eyes are clear and alive, my body is long and lanky and brown, (okay, I may need to put my glasses on but I feel long and lanky inside) my cheekbones are back and the dark circles have disappeared, and I feel stronger than I have in years, maybe in forever. My blood pressure is normal, a few years ago I went in for a fitness test at a hospital I was going to work at and my BP was 158/126. Of course, I was hungover, did you really need to ask?

I just turned 50 and feel more beautiful than I ever have, inside and out. I think I am finally becoming the person I was meant to be.  I think I'll get a t-shirt made.

P.S. Manana, I'm taking another step in taking back control of my health, I'm going in for a colonscope.  Clear liquids and lovely Nu-lytely all afternoon, which may account for me feeling "lighter" than normal today.


  1. Yeah!! And I'm right behind you...I turn 50 at the end of this month and six days after that mark 18 months sober for me... I too feel incredible gratitude that I am where I am and not where I was a couple years ago. Whew!!

    So are you back NOB or are you getting a Mexican Colonoscopy? I gotta say...I sure hope it's less of an ordeal than the root canal!!

  2. Still SOB and just completed my Mexican colonoscopy for the low, low price of 4,400 pesos ($370.00 US)and no, it did not take two months to complete like the root canal. It went great, the doctor said I have the colon of a teenager. See, I told you I was beautiful, inside and out. Ja ja ja!