Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Standard MO

Day 250

I don't know if any of you read the comments of the blogs you read but you really should, there are some real pearls hidden there.  Anyway, if you read my comments you already know this but my colonoscopy was completely negative and the doctor said I have the colon of a teenager.  One of my friends told me I should give it back. Ja ja ja!

I had a little drinking days flashback as I was prepping for the exam on Sunday. For those of you that don't know, the prep for a colonscope consists of drinking a large amount of really vile liquid in a prescribed short amount of time.  So I was sitting there Sunday evening trying to choke this stuff down,  I can't chug-a-lug anything unless it has Jack Daniels in it and that's no longer part of the game plan.  I was making myself take big gulps every ten minutes and then willing it to stay down, some of the nasty stuff was trying to turn around and escape back out the entrance instead of completing its thrill ride through the tunnel of terror.

In the midst of all this delight, I had a little trip down memory lane, I  remember sitting on my couch with a big plastic glass of Jack Daniels and some mix, and making myself time my drinks, making myself take one big gulp every 15 minutes.  It, also, would struggle to stay down and sometimes it would rush back for the entrance and I wouldn't be able to stop it. Hopefully I would make it to the bathroom before it burst back through the gate, and when all of it had left that wanted too, I would go back to the couch and pick up my glass and take another gulp. Wait 15 minutes.  Take another.

I wasn't trying to get drunk, I was trying to get undrunk.  This was my standard MO for weaning off booze and avoiding withdrawls.  I would try to increase the time between gulps and decrease the booze  as I went along.  Sometimes it worked.  I got pretty good at it.  I should have, I did it about once or twice a month.

Standard Practice. Standard Modus Operandi.

No MO!!

Thank you, God.


  1. Shit, bloody hell. That's pretty intense. Wow. What a clever twisted drinkers brain you had. So so happy that you have gotten sober! Woo Hoo! And here's another Woo Hoo to that youthful colon of yours. xxx

  2. What Mrs. D said...even about your youthful colon.

  3. Thanks for the reminder of how ugly drinking can be. Lately I've been thinking about drinks on the back porch, but your description was exactly why I stopped. Thanks for that.

  4. MrsD and SoberMom it is good to be sober with a young colon, it's amazing the way my idea or normal has returned to normal and how appalled and disbelieving I am of my "old" life.

    BBB, I'm glad I could help, I have to remind myself from time to time also, those back porch drinks always sound so alluring, I just remember that I always end up back on that couch.

  5. Awesome post as always KM! Good news!!! I heard from my Doc that new research shows that the liver regenerates itself now! I was soooooooooo worried!

  6. Never under estimate the brilliant ideas of an alcoholic.

    1. Yep, Pammie, I really should have patented Kary May's Non-Failproof Alcohol Weaning Method. It was really groundbreaking in its day.