Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Longer MIA

Day 99

Hey gang.  Just  quickie to reassure you that I haven't fallen into the ruts of that old wagon trail.  The toy drive is finished, we gave away 796 bags of toys last night and I am exhausted.  But happily and thankfully sober.  I promise to blog and figure out why I can't seem to comment on my own damn blog manana.  I will tell you it has been a wonderous week and I couldn't have done it if I wasn't sober.


  1. Congrats and WOW good for you and the children. You are a special kind of person. I hope you can get back to blogging a little more. I miss your post.

  2. see and I was just thinkin' you were way too cool to respond to comments on your blog. :-)

    Wish I could offer advice, but I use wordpress, not blogger and haven't had any issues. Glad your toy drive was so successful. You are an inspiration to me!!

  3. 99 days! Awesome! Silly me, first thing I thought of was that song, "99 bottles of Beer on the Wall." LOL

  4. What a rewarding way to share the Christmas spirit, Merry Christmas to my favorite sober elf!