Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year

I'm back! After a rather long hiatus accompanied, of course, by several displays of public drunkenness, a lot of hangovers, and a few sober days, I have returned. I'll get to all that on a later date. I'm back in Mexico…

As the sun rose this morning a lone blue heron perched on the seashore in front of my casa gazing out to sea. He sensed me watching and spread his great wings and glided weightlessly over the water. The gulf was so still that the line between sea and sky was erased in the dawn mist. Later a band of tiny shore birds skittered in front of me, leading the way, zig-zagging as the water did its dance of advance and retreat. I wandered through our tiny Mercado and bought some fresh squeezed jugo de naranja. They put it in a plastic bag and tied it around a straw. Take-out Mexican style. As I made my way back home I stopped to talk to other beach wanderers. Three new friends and an old one.

This is how all my mornings could be, if I choose.

I'm out there doing my best to collect mornings like this.

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