Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blew It!

My piety didn't last long. I'm not much of a beer drinker but there are times when an ice cold beer sounds too good to be ignored. Friday afternoon was one those times. Beside the two bars that the gringos down here frequent the most there are several locals owned bars. One of our favorites is Comote's. It's cleaner and it doesn't seem to be crumbling as much as the others and it serves great botanos. Botanos are appetizers down here in Mexico and they're free. Comotes serves up about half a dozen botanos which include ceviche, refried beans, a fish dip, a pulpo dip (octopus), a potato dish. You get all of this and chips and they keep them coming for as long as you're sitting there. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were with some of our best buds including my friend who was giving me grief about not drinking. She was relieved to see that my wagon ride didn't last long. We had two beers and then we left and went home, which would have been fine had I stopped there but nooooo….I had to have just "one" Jack Daniels….and then I started playing DJ and then cap'n and I sang and drank the night away. By some quirk of nature, I didn't have a hangover the next day so I drank again on Saturday, all day. But I took it slow and basically nursed my drinks and I didn't have a hangover again this morning. I'm not sure what I did to deserve this reprieve from hangover hell but I'm not testing the gods again today. So I'm abs'ing today. Tonight one of the restaurant/bar is having a rib dinner which will be attended by most of the expats and I'm determined to not drink. I figure if I noticeably abstain at some of these public events it might negate the times I have made a public nuisance of myself. Yeah right. Peoples' memories are very long when you act like an ass and very short when you don't do anything memorable. But I'm going to try anyway.

So today I'm out there doing my best to be totally forgettable.

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