Monday, September 4, 2017

How The Heck Are You? : 9/4

Happy September!
I know we've all been watching the new coverage of people suffering through the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. My two brothers and sister live in Houston and I'm relieved to say that they are fine and none of their houses flooded, however my sister is still evacuated from her home because the water is up to her doorstep and, since she lives near the levees that they keep releasing water from, that's not going away anytime soon. To say my sister is a bit of a princess would not be exaggerating the truth. Her house is high and dry and she drives through neighborhoods where people's life's belongings are in mountain high piles on the curb, but I didn't hear much gratitude in her voice when I spoke with her yesterday.

To give her credit, I know many of us have stopped in the last week, when we were about to complain about something in our own lives and thought, I don't have the right to complain, look at what those poor people in Houston are going through.

Lately, I, myself, have found the things I loved threatened, not by a storm, but by my own greed and the endless stride for "better and more." It has made me realize the things that really are precious to me.  The things I will fight for and the things I can let go of. So much I can let go, so little is really precious, but what is, is now doubly precious in my eyes. 

Why does it take the threat of losing something to realize how much it means to you? 

How the Heck are You Today? What precious things did you find in your soul when you quit drinking? What do you hope to find? Me? I found a resilience I didn't know I had. I found a willingness and abillity to explore my soul that was lacking before. What am I still looking for? Contentment? Peace? They're there in greater amounts than they were before, but I'm still  drilling that bottomless well I can draw from.


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  2. Ah, Carola, I'm sorry you removed your comment. I think you were a messenger from my mother. ;) I'm glad you've enjoyed the blog and I'll be reading that book!

  3. love the title of your blog. perfect.

    in recovery, i have found the spirituality that i always longed for, but couldn't find in any of the methods that were suggested. it's been a journey, challenging and rewarding.

    to your comments on the hurricane... gratitude is so essential, not just for us in recovery but for everyone. I've been shocked and surprised how much this has changed my life, finding the simple things in your life that one can be thankful for. i do it every morning and it puts life into perspective.

    cheers - thanks for the post!

  4. I found stillness and peace. I never even knew those things existed. They are priceless.
    Being evacuated is a horrible experience. Driving away from our burning city last year was brutal. Knowing life would never be the same....even though our house didn't burn down. Everyone is different.
    The pictures from Houston break my heart.


  5. I have found peace of mine, knowing I won't be hurting anyone by driving drunk, or angry outbursts!