Monday, September 18, 2017

How The Heck Are You? 9/18/17: Neighbor Kary May's Handbook $.99 USD Today!

I have a friend who is going in for a TIP procedure today. Basically that is the placement of a hepatic shunt to reduce portal hypertension and variceal bleeding caused by cirrhosis. He is such a great guy. Since I don't hang out with the party crowd that much anymore, I didn't even know he had a drinking problem, he was always just a nice guy who would do anything for anyone, the one you called when you needed a pickup for any reason. But I guess he was a steady beer drinker, never really drunk, just drank beer all day. He had to have a pacemaker inserted on Friday before he could have this surgery. I hope this is a wake-up call for the hard drinking ex-pat crowd down in MX.

On the homefront, the cap'n has been moderating remarkable well on his own. The hiding of the booze didn't last long, I didn't really enjoy treating him like a child or a patient. No fights. It's been wonderful. It's been what I know our marriage can be. Fingers crossed still.

The leaves are changing up here at 10,600 feet and there's still frost on the deck this morning. I'm dreaming of snow.

Last week was a landmark week for me. I celebrated 6 years of sobriety and one year as a published author, ok, self-published. I also started my own secret FB group, No More Never Agains, to talk about drinking amongst friends who have quit, are trying to quit, are trying to moderate or are just worried about their drinking and have found a few new kindred souls. If you're interested in joining, let me know at

Life keeps keeping on.

To celebrate I'm offering my book for $.99 U.S.D today and tomorrow. 

How The Heck Are You?

The Book is supposed to be on sale today, (9/19) too, but check the price before purchase. Sometimes Amazon and I don't understand each other.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog through MM which I joined recently. I would like to purchase your book but it comes as the regular price on Amazon. Did I miss the special offer?

  2. Are you in the U.S., MJ? Unfortunately, since I am in the U.S. I can only run promotions on the U.S. site, when I hit the link above, it shows $.99

  3. Six years is amazing! I hope I get there some day as well.

    1. You will. Just don't give up and see every part of this journey as a lesson to learn from, and, for some parts, maybe not repeat too often.

  4. Happy 6 Years!!! I am 3 years now!
    It gets better and better each day!

  5. Issy les moulineauxJanuary 15, 2018 at 10:30 PM

    Where the heck are YOU? There are those of us who followedyou, but did not want to buy yet another sobriety book, who wonder why you just abandoned your blog. Are you drinking again, or, worse,so "monetized" now that you only communicate with dues-payers? Belle did that, and lost me.

  6. NO and NO! I am not drinking again, nor am I monetized. I think I have made a grand sum of $252.00 on my My first instinct is to reply, I've been too busy-I still spend 2-4 hours per day on various recovery sites, mostly the MM forum and listserv. and I am finding myself spread too thin. But, I think, even more so, I sometimes don't feel that I have much more to say on the sobriety front, how many different ways can you put, "I got sober and my life is so much better?" And, on another front, after you're sober for so many years, you want to talk about something else. I apologize, I should not have just abandoned the blog, I didn't really mean to, it just kept getting pushed down the list of things to do. I will try to do better, or at least when i finally decide to let go of the blog all together, give notice.

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