Friday, June 10, 2016

I Think I'll Start Drinking Again...When Wine Comes From Cows

The other night at abs chat we had a familiar conversation. One of our members who has recently decided to quit drinking forever isn't enjoying it too much. She's depressed, she says, when she thinks of never, ever drinking again.

Some of us old timers did a virtual nod in commiseration.

We all race to type in, "That's why we don't say the word forever. We just take it that proverbial one day at a time."

It got me to thinking about what kind of circumstances would lead me to drink again. Then I got a little too excited and happy thinking about funerals and terminal diagnosis's so I quit thinking in that direction. 

I finally decided I could try drinking again when it held as much allure for me as MILK.

I don't hate milk. I just haven't drank it for about forty years. No, not even when I was pregnant or breast feeding, I just doubled up on the calcium supplement which might explain why my oldest son is in the medical journals as the youngest person with kidney stones. ;0

See, I could imagine visiting Wisconsin and not drinking milk, even though it is known worldwide for its milk.

I would have no problem going to a milk tasting and spitting out my "taste" before I moved on to the next frothy bottle of milk.

And, I'd have no problem taking a sip of milk from a wedding toast and then dumping the rest of it in a potted plant.

When I get to that level of disinterest in booze, then I might try drinking again.

I don't see it happening anytime soon.


  1. I'm gonna have to attend that chat next week as I can definitely relate to that person :)

  2. We'll save a seat for you, k.

  3. Ha ha what a great way of thinking about it. I am the same except I have an intolerance to milk (and alcohol I imagine) I was nodding along as I recognised that I don't want one glass at a wedding, I want access to a couple of bottles so I know I have enough. I will think about milk alongside that thought and realise that I haven't reached the wanting to sip part.

  4. This is funny! Mine would be grapefruit juice. I can't ever imagine feeling about vodka the way I do about grapefruit juice.