Monday, June 6, 2016

Can I Open Up My Day Yet? Can I? Can I?

I went to mass yesterday and something the priest said struck me. He said that when he was considering the priesthood, he had so many doubts, he didn't know if he could do it. He asked an older priest, "Do you ever have second thoughts? Do you ever wonder if you made the right choice?"

The priest replied, "Of course, I sometimes wonder if I made the right choice, but it helps to remember the priesthood is not a sacrifice, it is a blessing, a gift."

This is how I feel about sobriety. Every day is still a gift, not a sacrifice. 


  1. Perfect again!!
    You are rocking it!!
    It's such a matter of perception, isn't it?
    Even now, if I think of what I'd be doing if I were still drinking?
    I'd be at home with a hidden bottle or at a bar with my drinking buddy.
    It is not a sacrifice, but a gift I no longer have to hide away at home or in a dark bar.

  2. Absolutely. I have lost nothing and gained so much.