Saturday, May 14, 2016

WOMBAT Chat Tonight! (Women Only Moderation/Abs Talkabout) 9:00 EDT; 8:00 CDT; 7:00 MDT; 6:00 PDT

Tonight's Wombat Chat will start at 9:00 EDT, 8:00 CDT, 7:00 MDT, and 6:00 PDT but we'll keep it open until no one wants to talk anymore. Perhaps in the future, we'll figure out a set time frame, but for now we'll adjust it to the person who is hosting's location


  1. That would be great, Number 9! I do have to warn you, this is a mixed group and there is some discussion about moderating, but the majority of the discussion centers around our common issues-family, boredom, health effects.

  2. Just wanted to pop in and say I love what you're doing with this site and what it offers to people in need! Thank you for your service.