Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Doing Lunch With The Girls

Sometimes I forget how it used to be, but just now a reminder tapped me on the shoulder.  You see, I'm "doing lunch" with some of my friends. It's actually kind of a good-bye lunch for me since I'm heading back to the states next week. One last chance for us to get together.

It's a pool party and I'm sure there will be all kinds of pool drinky-drinks. I've been trying to decide what I'll take to drink for the last two days because I've been trying to quit my Diet Coke habit and I've actually gone two days without one!  Not once have I thought about mixing up a mocktail, they're so much trouble. Even better, not once have I thought, "Damn, I can't drink."  I'll take some tea or maybe I'll let myself indulge in a Diet Coke.  I found myself beating myself up about that and I knew my friends who are still struggling with their drinking would roll their eyes at me. Hey, there are other secret killers out there besides booze, ya'll. 

While I was shuffling around, putting the lasagna in the oven-cajun chicken-sausage in alfredo sauce lasagna, another secret assassin-I 'membered (getting my Cajun on) that six years ago, my day would be finished at that party.  Even if the party ended at 3 pm, I would be too drunk to do anything else, except drink some more. And, tomorrow? Tomorrow I would be sick, wouldn't even need to pencil that in, I could write it in permanent ink.  The next day? Probably still sick, if not, I still wouldn't feel as good as I do right now.

What a waste.


  1. I am jealous of:

    Even better, not once have I thought, "Damn, I can't drink."

    I hope to someday be there :)

  2. You brought back a vivid memory of how the days used to end quickly with afternoon celebrations. You're in so much of a better place now. Have a beautiful time!

  3. Here's to not being sick!
    Sometimes I have a Diet Coke, but not as many anymore.

  4. Coffee is my last vice and even now I am migrating toward decaf from 12 noon. Are you moving back stateside forever?