Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Much Needed Swift Kick In The Ass

After a week or five of feeling sorry for myself, I reacquainted myself with a blog written by a guy I went to high school with.  Rocky is no longer really battling cancer, he is surrendering to it with more valor and wit than I could ever hope to master.  Please don't skip over this.  We all need this wake-up call to go out and have the best damn day we can manage.  Today.

Terminal Velocity


  1. After posting this, I scrolled down and read the title of my last blog and thought, Kary May, you ungrateful wretch.

  2. You are neither ungrateful nor a wretch. You are a hero to many, as is Rocky.

    My wife's mother died of colon cancer, and my wife took care of her mother to the bitter end. There was a lot of gross stuff involved, just like what Rocky alludes to. As we both age, I have very often wondered who will be taking care of whom?

    It's a very real thing. Just as your title of your last blog says.

  3. Don't beat yourself up about your earlier post about being restless and discontent...but don't discount the gift your friend Rocky has given you either. IMO it's important to pay attention to these reminders that life is short--too short to spend focusing on our problems while ignoring our blessings. Thank YOU for this post and the link to his blog. Now my attitude is one of gratitude for my health, rather than frustration about whatever little things are bothering me today.
    I don't know your friend, but it looks to me like he is a brave man facing this ordeal with humor and humility and gratitude for his friends and family.


  4. He just blows me away. I didn't really know him in high school, he was a year ahead of me but I knew who he was, it's a small school and town. I went back and read back in his blog and when he talks about not being able to kiss his wife because he's had extensive reconstruction from his throat cancer, and when he talks about the week before his last surgery when he knew it was the last time he'd ever get to eat solid foods and there's no trace of self-pity. I'm sure he feels it, he has to but he makes such an effort to stay positive.

  5. Thanks for the reminder KM : D Having to stop driving is the worst - I would rather my hair fall out. Cancer sucks, getting old and being in pain sucks. The way some people face illness just absolutely amazes me and puts me to shame, with all my whining that this or that hurts. So much strength - I only hope I have a tenth of of his strength if it comes down to facing cancer someday.

  6. Do not talk that way about my friend. You are not a wretch and youare certainly not ungrateful. What you are, is human.


  7. Wow, you have me totally hooked to Rocky Smith's blog now. Just wanted you to know that you are one of three blogs I check daily. I'm so glad life is a new, happy "normal" for you - but the selfish part of me misses you my friend. Take care.