Saturday, March 3, 2012

Alive and Well

Day 172

I used to get so disappointed when my favorite bloggers quit writing their blogs and moved on, thank you Pammie and Mary Christine for staying the course, I always thought that their sobriety had quit being a priority, that it was no longer at the forefront of their life and they had better things to do after a couple of years in sobriety.  Now I know that is not true, instead they just get too darn busy.

No, I'm not going to quit writing this blog, as a matter of fact after a couple of weeks of letting it fade to the background, I realize that I once again need to make it a priority in my day to day life.  I feel myself slipping.  Not slipping back into drinking but slipping in my appreciation of this new life I've been given and slipping in my responsibilities to my fellow passengers on this journey, and slipping in my efforts towards my spiritual and physical well-being.  And I know that if I let those things slip away again, I will fall.

Nothing bad has been going on, I've just been busy picking up those scattered pieces of my old life and trying to make them fit into my new one. It's looking a little chaotic and there are still a few pieces missing (Stanley probably ate them) and I need help figuring out where they all go. So tomorrow is the start of a new week and a renewing of my old resolve and I'll be back to pestering you on a regular basis.


  1. Oh, look forward to that! I'd be interested to hear what's going on in your head. We are so similar in our stages, i wonder if things are similar for you in terms of what you're feeling and realizing. Hope things are good. xxx

  2. We are so similar, every time I read your blog I think, "Damn she beat me to it, I was going to say that."