Monday, February 21, 2011

Moanday, Moanday

Day 17 of abstinence and I am so tired. Physically tired down to my bones. I've been sleeping well and getting my 8 hours but I am really dragging ass today. I think my body forgot what it is like to be physically active all day for several days in a row. It was used to a day or two or even a week where I just laid on the couch and tried to survive the next 24 hours. So I'm not complaining about this tiredness, well, not much.
It's not like I'm doing anything strenuous. I even gave myself yesterday off. I still stayed active all day planting plants and just putzing (putzing is my favorite thing to do). I just didn't let myself think there was anything I "had" to do. I did my Sunday phone call to the kids. How effortless that is these days. No more trying to act like I remember past conversations that I don't remember or trying to cover up the fact that I don't remember. "That's right. Now I remember. And then you…..?" No more pathetic attempts to hide my slurring or tipsy state. I think I can hear the relief in their voices when they realize they are not going to have to waste precious cell phone minutes trying to have a coherent conversation with an incoherent drunk.
So life is good here in Soberville. Exhausting, but good.
So I'm just out there today doing my best to build my endurance and thanking God for fresh squoze OJ at 13 pesos per liter.

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