Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dryuary Countdown Special!

The book that 4 people are talking about! Available on Amazon for $.99 for the next 5 days.

(Holy Flying Shitbirds! I finally figured out (again) how to link a picture to a website.)

Guaranteed results if you read this book! (okay, you can't just read it, you have to do some other things, too. This recovery thing just doesn't happen by reading, although I spent many years just "reading" about it.)

Before and After Pics of one Satisfied Reader. (Ok, so I'm the writer too, but I bet I read this book more times than all four of those people who are talking about it combined.)


Isn't this a lovely tableau? That's my friend, Karen, over there singing her heart out-I'm pretty sure the song was Delilah, she always sings Delilah- and the cap'n obviously not very happy with me. See the bright sun shining through the window, it must be like all of  3:30 pm.


This would have been about 9 months after I quit drinking-about a year after the previous pic.

Want some more?


Not Drinking:


I must have really liked that shirt when I was drinking.

Not Drinking:

Need any more? I don't


  1. You are beautiful. The difference between drinking and sober you is clear as day. You glow with health and life in the after pictures.

  2. Very powerful images Kary May. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Pictures are great. I dropped 20 pounds back to 180 the first couple of months.

  4. WOW!!
    This was really powerful!
    You are beautiful!!
    Sober is the best!

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  6. I love the picture comparisons. What a difference, mostly in how unhappy you look while drinking. I love seeing how much happier you are now.

  7. Hey there! Just popping in to say hi!

  8. Hi KaryMay, where are you? Your voice is missed around here. I gave popped by a few times to see if maybe my reading list wasn't showing new posts from you. Wherever you are or whatever you are doing I hope that you are ok. I know you said you where taking a break from posting for a while but I still wanted to let you know you missed. Take care and big hugs.

  9. Wow - I would love to have had some pictures of me but I kept my drinking dangerously private but these pictures really hit me.

    No matter who you were with or what you were doing in your before pictures it was like alcohol sucked you "inner" Terrible English but not sure how else to put it!

    The other lovely photo's you are "outer". Isn't that just so strange and true to drugs like alcohol.

    The hopelessness of going within, in an intoxicated state, is such a mess and makes such a mess to our wellbeing.

    Sharing like this is so helpful for so many.
    Thank you MK
    Michelle xx