Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wine Intolerance

Jeez! I read back through my blog the other day, and, hell's bells I sure talk about going for walks a lot. No more walking blogs!

Someone on one of the message boards the other day wrote a post about how she'd taken a short abstinence stretch and then gone out to restaurant and had only two glasses of wine.  She woke up in the middle of the night with that same old anxiety and palpitations that I got to know so well.  This person has been trying to figure out if she needs to quit drinking for awhile and she's had several long abs stretches, so the first thing I thought she might be experiencing is Kindling. I've written about kindling before but in a nutshell it is a hyper-physiological response of the body in response to multiple withdrawals from alcohol. Meaning that our body punishes us for making it quit drinking so many times by going into this state of hyper-physiological state, i.e. palpitations, tremors, night sweats, easier every time.

But when I was doing some more research the other day, I came upon this article which offers a different possibility.  The bad news is, either way, if you start experiencing these symptoms you need to quit drinking because it's not going to get any better.

Sleepless, Eczema and Even Heart Palpitations...The Women Who Don't Know They're Wine Intolerant


  1. Hi KaryMay,
    Ugh..just reading about these things make me never want them again.
    And no, they don't get better!
    PS - I like walking!!

  2. I remember, I would pray for one of those "freebie" nights, you know the ones where you'd wake up in the morning and wonder how the heck you were hangover free after the night before. They were a thing of the long gone past. Every deed was being punished at the end of my drinking.

  3. Well..that person is me haha! I do think every time I try to quit and then drink, my hangovers get considerably worse. I think I have am alcohol intolerant not just wine intolerant. It sucks but its true. Thanks, Kary, for always being there for me :)

  4. You betcha! I used to get so mad because I'd be so good for so long and then one bender would put me right back into the same or a greater hell than I was before. It wasn't fair. I guess there's no reversing the process with alcohol, we can't go back to being 20 again, no matter what.

  5. Wow, I had that! The wine also made me incredibly sleepy. On the down side, I switched to vodka to avoid the ill effects of the wine. That greatly increased how quickly I could drink because, of course, liquor is quicker. And when I would quit for some length of time, it was hell going back. Thanks for shedding some light on this, Kary.

  6. I drank mostly bourbon, but also plenty of wine, I guess I should have stuck to bourbon! See how this MF works? Again, thinking maybe if I'd tweaked it a little bit, maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the aspartame in my diet pepsi that I used as a mixer, maybe if I drank differently, I could still drink. I'm so glad to be done with those games.