Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Need Some Help, Por Favor

Hey gang! I'm still writing that book. Which one, you might ask.  I'm still working on my Guide to Online Recovery Communities which includes the blogging community.  I've got some great blog posts from other  bloggers. Thank you very much! But I could use a couple more from the early days of the journey, before the year mark. You know, when we're still scared and uncertain of what the hell we're doin' but we're doin it anyway. Even if we get it wrong a few times.  If any of you have some that you are proud of, I'd love to share them.

Don't make me use my own.

email me at

PPS! Three day later, I figured out this title sounds like a call for help to keep me from drinking. I'm sorry. I'm ok. But thanks for checking up on me.


  1. Compulsion | ainsobriety

    I like this one. I'll read through my blog and see if there is a better post, but is this what you are looking for?

    I would be honoured to be included....

  2. This is perfect and beautiful and I am honoured to share it. How far along were you? Gawd, it sounds like I'm talking about a pregnancy. lol

  3. You could deliver any day! Perfect, amiga. Thank you.

  4. Anne, could you write me a short introductory paragraph about your sobriety-you went to rehab, right?-and why you blog and how it has enhanced your recovery?

  5. Send it to

  6. Sure. I didn't go to rehab, my husband did. But I will write something and send it to you.

  7. My beginning posts are strange!
    I was writing in such a simple form!
    Yikes. I cringe re-reading them!

  8. Hi my friend, I will share this in the Members Feed at Living Sober, we've got some bloggers in there...

    1. Thank you for popping in, chica. I've still got our contributions. I will finish this book, I will finish this book!

  9. I'm on day 20 and don't feel my blog posts are up to par just yet. So I'm chiming in to say nice to meet you! I look forward to following your journey!

  10. Girl, you should go back and read my early posts. lol Thanks for stopping in, I look forward to your future "blowing sobriety out of the water" success!