Friday, August 2, 2013

Just LIving Life

Ok, I guess I better check in, if I must, do I have to ?

My work assignment finished up on July 20th and I have been living a very self-indulgent life since then.

Last week my two oldest grandsons, they're cousins, came to stay with me.  Just me and them with no Gameboys, no Xbox, no Playstation, hell, the DVD player didn't even work!  Boy, did we have fun!  I have to admit that I did lose my patience a couple of times though.  One night as we were playing Pictionary the younger of the two kept switching what he was supposed to be drawing in the middle of his turn.

Now I don't think I'm that hard core when it comes to playing friendly board games, but at one point the older cousin turned to the younger one and said, "Whoa! Don't get her so frustrated that she starts cussing again." ( I let a couple GD's  slip this week after one boot down the river incident and one ball-kicking incident. I'm not talking soccer or footballs, I'm talking gonads.)

I never laughed so hard in my life.  I told them they were more fun than a bunch of drunks.

This week, I have been completely on my own up here, (don't worry, the cap'n is still in the picture, he's just working.).  I can't even begin to explain how wonderful it has been. I get up in the morning, I piddle, I'm not talking about that kind of piddle but I do that too, and I write.  I eat lunch, btw I've gone back to an old diet site I used to follow Dr. Gourmet, the recipes are great, even though I have to admit I cheat a little bit on the no-salt and no-fat mayo and sour cream dictates.  I've lost a little weight but the best thing is, I feel healthier and the sugar cravings seemed to have abated.  A little bit.

Anyway, I eat, I procrastinate, I write a little more, I read about writing, I think about writing, I check my fb page, Mr. Stan decides he has to go out and piddle.... Let me tell you, this business of writing the world's greatest, most life-changing American novel is time consuming, hard shit.

So there you have it, an idyllic, extraordinarily, ordinary life.  I'd be lying if I said that old asshole liquor doesn't whisper my name sometimes. It does, some days more than others.  Some days it tries to convince me that I've learned my lesson, I'd know better next time. I'd be able to stop.

Fucking liar!

I just gently remind myself, that some people can drink and have the life described above.

But I can't!

But my little hermit world is about to come to an end, the cap'n returns home tomorrow then I leave on Sunday to go back to work at the same hospital where I was working before this short "stay-cation."  They actually want me back, can you believe it?  They must be desperate! LOL


  1. Your blog has meant so much to me! Thanks for taking the time to post, because I really need it. I have been sober for a little over three months and your blog has played a big role in my success.

  2. Wow, thank you. I was beginning to think that I was becoming irrelevant and that I didn't have anything new to say to someone new in recovery. Your comment means a lot.

  3. Yes, you should check in. I wonder what you're up to. :)

    An ordinary life. what a gift. what a pleasure.

  4. Isn't it funny how now we just live sober and have our wee ups and downs and come to a blog to 'check in' with some ordinary life stuff and then we just go back to living sober and we live sober and we live sober and OH MY GOD WE LIVE SOBER!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DON'T POUR COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF BOOZE DOWN OUR THROATS ANY MORE!!!!!!!!! WE'RE NOT LURCHING THROUGH EARLY SOBRIETY FREAKING THE FUCK OUT THAT WE ARE SO EMOTIONAL!!! CAN I STOP YELLING NOW?????!!! Aahh. Sorry about that. Please do always check in my dear friend.. every now and then I need to know that you are trucking along as I am trucking along and oh my goodness wouldn't you always rather be trucking along with nothing new to say ? xxxx

  5. Thanks for posting! I think posts like this are amazing, because this IS life, nothing ordinary about it at all! I think somewhere in my head I got so used to drama of the drunk existence I have absolutely lost the ideal of a "normal" life. I always expected a party, but in reality my party days have long passed! I love your post, I love the fun you had and how you dealt with the drinking thoughts - this is the perfect example of what life can be like when you get sober, I think that is so crucial for a newcomer to hear! I for sure had no idea what life was going to be like! - Thanks Kary - Maggie

  6. The asshole talks to me as well - not that this time would be different, but that this time it will make the frustration lesson.
    But, I play it through and the end is frightingly shocking.

    and so it goes . . .

    Love the time with grandboys!! You are blessed my friend

  7. I'll admit it...I miss the hell out of you when you're on, thanks for the check in.

    And NO they are not desperate and YES of course they want you back...DUH.

    So just go on with your lazy self, we're all fine now that you've checked in (where IS that sarcasm font when you need it).

    Blessings my friend,