Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 9

Day 9 of Gratitude that is!  Did I scare anybody?  Ja ja ja ! (That's how we say Ha Ha Ha down here in Mexico since the j sounds like an h)

I'm not planning on listing what I'm grateful for everyday but I had to share this one.

Today I'm grateful for this blog and all the other sober blogs out there.  Yesterday I went back through my earlier posts looking for something that I'd written that would comfort, help, say "I've been there" for someone that had relapsed on one of the message boards I follow.  As I read through those earlier posts of mine I was touched by the amount of thought and feeling I put into those posts and this morning as I was taking my walk on the beach I started asking myself if I was still taking the time to put meaning in my posts, to ask myself what I had to offer that might be what someone else needed to hear or was I just writing a blog because I felt obligated to write something.

If so, maybe it was time to quit.

But you know what?  In the last two days I have gone back to spending my usual amount of time on the blogsites and the message boards and I felt as if I found what I've been missing for the last few weeks, I found the support and comfort I've gotten so used to.  I didn't know I needed it so much.  But I do.

Yesterday I started reading a blog that SoberMom recommended to me,  The Act Of Returning To Normal , and once more I've found someone that is a kindred soul, another woman that seems to be living in my head and in my heart.  I know that I am going to learn things from this blog that are going to make a difference in my life and that are going to help me cope with the struggles I am going through right now with the capn's drinking.

Just about the time I think I don't have enough time to read another blog, my Co-Writer says, "Oh yes you do.

Thank you God, thank you me, and thank you guys.  These blogs have meaning and these blogs are life-changing for us and the people that read them.

Love you guys!


  1. I'm so glad you found Tara! She's not only a wonderful writer but she's honest and she's the one that made me think a blog might help my recovery...was she ever right.

    I hope you find some comfort in her words.


  2. Great post! I too love Tara's blog, and have for a long time. She's an inspiration to so many.

    I'm glad your spirits are lifting. I hope they continue to do so and that today finds you smiling...

  3. Your gratitude is contagious. Thanks for this post. It's reminded me I need to get grateful!!

  4. Right back at ya sister. I don't know what I would do without this blogosphere or sobersphere as someone put it. It's definitely my secret weapon. And I've gone back and read over my own posts as well and it's so good to have charted all that has gone on... what an amazing journey sobriety is. How are things with you and the Capn? Email me directly if you don't want to post about it xxx

  5. It is too easy to slip away and lose touch with the people who are sharing our journey and for me it is not a good thing. Being here, reading yours and others, is very powerful. Thank You.