Saturday, September 3, 2011

SOB (South of the Border) Status Report

Day 60

Usually when I disappear from the blog, it is bad news, especially when I'm down here in MX.  I've just been too busy to write since I touched ground and I haven't had a drop. Kinda... I didn't drink on the whole trip down here which is a new way to travel for me but our friends who picked us up at the airport had a bottle of wine chilling. I let her pour me a glass and I took a sip.  And then the argument began with myself, I'll talk more about that when I have more time, but anyway I held on to the glass of wine in the dark of the car and didn't have any more.  I finally snuck it to the cap'n.  Met up with the gang for the Friday night happy hour and didn't drink and nobody seemed to notice or care.  This afternoon I invited a couple of our favorite couples over for a pool party and some spiked peach-mint tea.  The pitcher is mixed in the frig right along a non-spiked version for little old me.  Things are going good, I almost forget I'm not drinking. Almost. But traditionally I would be nursing a big old hangover right now.  No doubt about it, it is better this way.

So today I'm out there just doing my best to keep it virginal, the drinks that is, it's way too late for anything else.  Manana, maybe!


  1. Think I am becoming addicted to your blog LOL. Been checking every day now for a week. Hope life is treating you kind!

  2. Hi Kary,
    I was thinking about you this morning. I thought I would check your blog. You haven't posted in a while. How are you doing?