Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Yep, Another Analogy

Sometimes I forget, but my first step toward sobriety wasn't MM, my first step was actually this blog. This was my first public cry for help.

I received a comment on one of my earlier posts yesterday-a post written back when I was still going through that old back-and-forth tug-o-war with drinking. The reader asked, "At 50 years old, how do you make up for 30 years of drinking? How did you not blow it?"

My answer was, "You can't make up for it, all you can do is make your remaining years ones you don't have to make up for. 7 years later and I still don't have all the answers, but I know my life is better without alcohol, and I have worked to build a life I don't want to put at risk by drinking again, that's what keeps me from going back."

As usual, I kept thinking about that question and thought of a lot better answers, one of them being, You realize that the past is always going to be there and you can't go back and repaint that picture. You can keep trying to drink enough to make that ugly painting look better but, no matter how much you drink, you realize it is still as ugly as you painted it, you're only blurring it's stark reality. Or, you can finally grow a pair and start painting a new painting, a painting you know is going to hang right beside that old painting for the rest of your life. You'll have to look at that painting of your past every day, but now you have something else to look at also. It's a work in progress, but luckily you have that other painting hanging right there where you can always see it, so you don't repeat your mistakes.


  1. Great analogy! And you've given your children (and friends and family) another painting as well. They will begin to see the old painting (the past) as not the real you. And with the new sober you right there in front of them, you heal the past together. ��

  2. That’s a great analogy.
    Yes. The past is there. But the new masterpiece is the one highlighted.

  3. Absolutely love the analogy! Right now, my new picture is more in line with scribbles drawn by a two year old, and that's okay, as it's much better than the old one!

  4. Wow, what a first step, or giant leap that was! Incredible the way we come into sobriety. Happy to find you here and follow you on the journey. I like how you related sobriety to creating a new work of art. I like that a lot.