Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Free Book Tomorrow 9/29!

Kind of reminds you of those signs you see in bars all the time, huh? "Free Beer Tomorrow" and tomorrow always stays one day away. 

am making my book available for free tomorrow, 9/29 on Amazon. You do not have to join Amazon Unlimited to get this free download, you just have to choose the Buy Now option. 

However, if you buy it today or after tomorrow and let me know, half of my proceeds will go the support community of your choice.

I do not have any way of knowing who buys the book, so if you're worried about anonymity, you're safe.

After this promotion, I promise, I won't be bugging you about the book anymore.

***If you don't see free in the priceline of the book (not the free Kindle unlimited download) don't order it or you'll be charged.

****A mistake was made with the date of the free promotion, I thought it was supposed to start today, but it isn't starting until tomorrow, if you ordered the book today thinking it was going to be free and were charged, you can either return it for a refund or I can donate the full proceeds to the support community of your choice.

It is Free Right Now, Swear To God!


  1. Bug away Kary May! Keep getting it out there! xxx

    1. Ha ha! Self-promotion is not my forte. I still feel the disapproval of the phantoms of Sister Pencil Thin Mustache and Mother Superior Bony Knuckles too acutely.

  2. I'm half way through and, like a good novel or story, I kind of want to savor it and not have it end. This is the book that speaks to my secret heart, the one with regret, shame and sadness, then has me smiling and laughing, looking into the future. Thank you, Kary May, for this labor of love. It really truly is amazing who we see in the mirror when we remove the veil of alcohol. Bless you.

    1. I think smiling and laughing should be promoted more in recovery, if my book made you smile, I accomplished what I set out to do.

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  4. Hi Kary May!
    Is there a paper version I can buy?
    I don't read a kindle, just paper books!

  5. No, I'm sorry, Wendy. I've been hearing from a few people who are still adamantly loyal to tactile feel and smell of real books. I'll have to look into seeing if Amazon will let me publish a paper version through Create Space.