Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Are You Worried That You'll Drink Tonight?

I'll be hosting Abs Chat Tonight over at the MM Chatroom. No lying allowed! If you find that your will is slipping around 9:00 PM EST, stop in and say, "Hi", or you don't have to say anything at all, we'll let you sit quietly in the corner while we chew each others' ears off.

This chat is not just for people who are trying to quit completely forever, it is for anyone who is trying to quit for any amount of time, even if it's only for tonight. So if you're trying to get through the month of Dryuary but you don't know what your plans are after that, this is a great place for you. There will be no pressure. 

Here's how you get there.

Abs Chat Tonight! 

Abs Chat is focused on abstaining from alcohol—on a permanent basis,
long-term, or even for a shorter period of time (like a 30!).
Everyone is welcome to attend, and to participate, but we won't be
discussing moderation techniques or plans. For discussions of
moderate drinking, we invite you to participate in the Monday Night
Book Chat or the Tuesday Night Online Meeting.
So if you're abstaining, planning to, curious about it, wondering
whether it would be a good idea, or just want to hang out for sober
fun, stop by!
See you there!

** PLEASE NOTE: Abs Chat will be held in the Abs Chatroom. When
logging in, use the drop-down box to select MM_Abs_Chat. If you wind
up in the wrong room, you can move between rooms by clicking on the
room list to the right of the chatroom screen. **

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